Calf & Mother Cow in the Pentlands.

Calf & Mother Cow in the Pentlands.

Captured in the Pentland Hills near the end of September during an evening stroll.

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Pentland Hills

Unlike most of the artwork featured, this does not have an adventure story associated with it but is also one of my favourite pictures. The reason I captured this photo was to send to my wife. She loves the animals that you can see on walks around farms or estates. This wee calf was getting very curious and I knew it was something that would brighten her evening, whilst I was out.

The Pentland Hills in Edinburgh are my local stomping ground and where I really started to enjoy the outdoors, walking with my Dad and Brother. So conveniently located a short drive on the outskirts of Edinburgh there is everything from short flat walks around a reservoir to full day hikes totalling some serious height gain. These hills will always be in my heart and really feel like home. I often go Saturday mornings to start my weekend off the right way or try to squeeze in midweek evening hikes during the summer. A very special place.

If you are ever in Edinburgh please don't miss out on this overlooked location. It is a place for families, hikers, mountain bikers and lovers of the outdoors!

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