Loch Morlich Sunset

Loch Morlich Sunset

Captured at the end of Hike & Wild Camp on the shores of Loch Morlich.

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Loch Morlich Sunset

This is possibly one of my favourite days ever. 

I started by leaving Edinburgh at 6am on a June Saturday morning and drove the two and a half hours to Loch Morlich. I arrived around 8.30am with limited parking available that allows you to park overnight. Like the rest of the day my luck was in and a space opened up as I arrived. I parked up and then began getting ready for my hike.

I was planning to climb Bynack More, probably the easiest of the Munro's in the Cairngorms. However, this is still a long trek of around 25km. I set off from Loch Morlich and made my way through the woods towards the mountains. If anyone has been to the cairngorms they know that pine woods surrounding are majestic and always give me a sense of calm.


As I continued on I passed An Loch Uaine, nicknamed the green loch. So absorbed with this spot I completely forgot to talk any pictures. But trust me its somewhere that has to be seen and only about a 30 minute walk from a carpark on a flat track.

I did not hang about as I knew I had some distance to cover, so as I always do when I know going is going to get tough, I put the audio book in and got the steps behind me. I believe that some people associate memories with music they were listening to at the time. I do the same with audiobooks and remember the coincidence of the main character walking a similar journey over a mountain. Coincidence? I think not.

After about an hour and a half of walking the peak revealed itself to me. Whilst this is quite a long walk its a very simple one along a single track and takes very little navigation. I reached the summit in about 2 and a half hours.

Bynack More

This was one of my earlier Munros and just continued to spark the passion of hiking that has become one of my biggest hobbies, much to my wife’a frustration! I spent about half an hour at the summit then headed back. It was a long trek back to the car and the last kilometre was especially draining in the summer heat. But with relief I made it to my destination and collapsed over the bonnet!

Why Scotland is so special is that you really have everything you need in one place. I had just walked up to a mountain summit and was now back to the Loch. For those that do not know Loch Morlich features the highest beach in the UK. I spent the next couple hours sun bathing in 20+ degrees and splashing about on the water with my paddle board. Not sure life could have gotten much better, i was wrong...

Loch Morlich

After a few hours I needed to find my camp spot. So I went back to the car and grabbed my camping gear. You can wild camp on the East side of the Loch, although no fires. There is also a paid campsite almost on the shores of the loch.

I walked around to find a spot in amongst the busy area and eventually found the perfect place just outside the trees and amongst some reeds on the shoreline. Relaxing, reading my book and watching the sun set here will stay with me until the day I die. The spot was idyllic. 

Loch Morlich

The Ducks captured at sunset, that you see in the Artwork, were everywhere and made this such a special experience. I even managed to see some ducklings and their mother swimming.

I am not sure this day could have been any better & really inspires me to keep exploring and gaining these experiences.

Visit the Artwork here.

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